Last Edit: 2022, June 24
Free Web Edition - The Cereberal Churnings of Paul Monaco
Right, Wrong - Left, Right, Popular or Not we all have the right to expressing our thoughts and beliefs whether as exercise of self exploration or to actively exposing others to them.
Putting Myself Back Together
2022 June 24 - Still feeling defeated. The entire right side of my body is a wreck. Desperately trying to find some sort of activity to distract me. Randonly glancing around my room I see my Cameo Silhouette looking at me from the corner. Of course all that does is point me to a potential tool to play with. What do I create with it?
Putting Myself Back Together
2022 June 21 - Usually people aren’t too shy when I owe them some money and taking a little longer than expected to pay them back… But not Connecticare! Apparently through some honest transpositional errors I ended up being about $5 short on my monthly premium. I never caught the error and have simply kept on paying my regular amount I thought I owed. Eventually Connecticare figured this out and rather than just giving me a phone call to point out this error they decided they will just terminate my policy. WTF. They claim they don’t have time to call everyone who owes them money. Really? When someone owes me money, somehow I find the time.