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17 May 2021 - Just a message to my more geeky readers... There's a bit more to the code than appears. Easter eggs abound. (and yes... we ARE having fun now!)

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14 July 2021 NEW - It took a bit of time but things are back to normal with the left foot. A few minor medical and administrative glitches but nothing really of note. Keeping somewhat socially detached at the moment, seems to be something I need to do for the time being.

Minor Pity-Party Time

24 June 2021 - Seems I have something going on with my left leg now. Random wounds appearing with no apparant cause. Obviously keeping a close eye on it and debating on if I should seek medical attention for it at this point or wait until my regularly scheduled visits. Vicodin is taking a bit of the edge off the pain but not as effectively as I'd like.

In the back of my mind I'm fearing things will take the same course as they did in my right leg. Not something to look forward to and potential preventative treatments would be equally unpleasant.


20 June 2021 - Looks like I may have been neglecting this page a bit. Rest-assured (as if you were really losing sleep over this,) it's not forgotten... I've just been sucked into the virtual space of The Lord of the Rings Online.

A bit ironic that there was a time where I've had concerns about people I know that I thought were spending a bit too much time in virtual space. In my case, I am very well cognizant of the difference between fantacy and reality... well at least still am at the moment. 😁

I won't bore you with empty promises of how I pledge to do better and add more content here... it is, what it is. When I'm up to it, need a diversion and actually have soemthing to add then I will do so. Contrary to what all the off-shore web developers think, this is not some dream start-up or the next big dot-com. Just a hobbiest screwing around with some code. Nothing more.

Gotta Love New England Weather!

1 May 2021 - We're still in that strange part of the season where it's not really warm nor cold. I've been waffling back and forth between the air conditioner and heat. Much has to do with my poor circulation... I tend to trend on the cold side.. but shortly after kicking on the heat just to give ther temperature a goose I find myself peeling layers off and overheating. Expect me to be bitching about the humidity in a few days, I'm sure it's coming.

Off-Shore Web Devs are Idiots

27 May 2021 - Not a week goes by that I don't receive a marking call from a web developer or marketing company referencing one of my domains and telling me how they can redesign my website to make my business more profitable.

Clearly they've never actually viewed any of my sites because I think it's quite clear that I'm not in business and this is pretty much just a hobby for me.

If their employers only knew how much time they were wasting on leads that obviously will never lead to anything. What's even more mind- boggling is that if they are so confident in the customer draw they can achieve through a website alone, why are they putting all their efforts into tele-marking and not once do they ever mention their own domain name. 🤔

And Here Come's Our Friend Hugh Middity

23 May 2021 - It seems that we had no transition from the heating season to air- conditioning weather. I just really hope this isn't an oman as to the kind of summer we will have.

Now don't get me wrong.. I love clear, sunny skies like everyone else but unless it's due to hot and heavy sex, I'm really not into being wet and sweaty.

Reality can cause Depression

19 May 2021 - Normally I do okay with accepting how things are knowing that many other people are dealing with issues far worse than my own. Today, I awoke to construction noises outside my house. Though a bit annoying since it was only 8 a.m. I dealt with it. Now I realize that they are re-paving my street and I can see that it may be a while before I can safely take my car out.

So here's where the panic starts... part of my daily excitement involves going to the local corner store for the usual bread and milk supply run. I actually enjoy doing this (as I said, it's my excitement for the day, so I don't keep a lot of these daily use items particularly well stocked knowing that I'll be going out anyway. Of course I had no idea that my little daily adventure was going to be derailed by construction.

In the past, this really wouldn't have been a big deal as I have several small stores within a one-mile radius that (again) in the past would have been no problem to walk to. But now I find myself debating in my head if I have the strength and endurance today to make such a trip. Of course now I'm remembering how much I used to love taking long walks along the hiking trails and being outside with nature. Never thought a whole lot about it when I could do it, but now that it's become a challange it has also turned into a source of depression.

Visit with the Vascular Surgeon

18 May 2021 - So I survived the trip into Hartford with my dad. Actually wasn't all that bad this time! When I got to the hospital (the doc has his office in there) I ran into a few co-workers from when I was working and was really happy they asked how I was doing and genuinely seemed to care.

As for the actual visit... well... as expected I didn't see the doctor at all but his PA instead.. which was fine by me.. think I may have mentioned before that she's very attractive. So anyway, my stent remains partially collapsed as was determined a few month ago but not to the point where re-installing it makes sense. The game plan is just to keep a close watch on things and do nothing unless symptoms appear. And I'm good with that! My overall hospital experience last time was so bad that I am really against doing it again anytime soon if I can possibly avoid it.

The PA explained to me that the original intent of the stint was to ensure fast and proper healing of my amputation. That part of my journey remains behind me for now. So, fingers crossed. I'm not getting better but the main goal now is to not get worse.

Battling the Brain

17 May 2021 - This is really getting old kids. The harder and closer I get to remaining in focus the worse it gets. It seems that at times I don't even have control anymore.

I struggle to write (even this short paragraph.) As I type I find my hands / mouse just doing what it wants and making totally unrelated edits. All this while another part of my brain seems to be wanting to make other changes and totally losing track of what I originally intended to write.

Adding to the frustration today, I have an appointment with my vascular surgion. Quite a talented guy but we definitly have a bit of a personality conflict. Maybe... could just be me, under the cirumstances.

Further adding to my distress, my father will be coming with me. This appointment is in the city about 20-miles away and with my current state of mind I even get confused by driving and find myself lost in areas I've been travelling through for years.

Doesn't help that my family doesn't comprehend the nature of my problems and thinks I'm just faking everything, telling me to just stop that... what's wrong with you?

Of course I compound that even further as my mind wanders and I try to figure out what IS wrong with me? I just don't know any more. This really isn't where I pictured myself at this stage of my life.

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