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7 May 2021 - Some of you who have a live even more boring than my own may notice the “Last Modified” timestamp is changing frequently without any noticable changes to the site. I've been just doing some minor tweeks to the page code in the background. Nothing to see here folks, Allamaraine, move along home.

6 May 2021 - So if you haven't heard, my Twitter issues are finally resolved. Sometimes you never fully appreciate something until you lose access to it.

So I've really been getting into playing The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) lately, perhaps why I've been a bit abscent from other places. Not sure if this is a long or short term thing yet.

2 May 2021 - You guess it, not getting much of a response from Twitter but their automatic EMAIL reply system does seem to be working. All I can do is sit and wait to see if it will automagically resolve itself. Pretty much all it has done at this point is further reinforce the need for all of us to take control of our Internet communications in such a way that we have at least some control in the event that things don't quite go correctly.

Of course without the resources of 'big social media' very few of us really have the ability to have our voices heard in this vast sea of content providors.

1 May 2021 - Twitter doesn't seem to be cooperating with me at the moment. 2FA is not sending out the confirmation code I need to log into my account. Have a support ticket it but yea.. won't hold my breath on that. Just another reason we need to take back the net and provide for ourselves. Relying on outside companies for our communications isn't always such a good idea especially when you're just a little guy without much weight to throw around. If we maintain our own servers at least we have the direct control to take action immediately and begin the resolution process.

29 April 2021 - Ah ha... Some cognative function as crept into my cerebellum which may result in some directionality being implemented on this site. Rather than emulating current examples of blogging sites, I will simply adopt a continious new-old scrolling entries method of posting. Depending on volume I may from time to time break things up into bite-sized chapters.

Remember, due to cerebral atrophy my thoughts may be a bit random and sporatic. I'm just going with the flow in an attempt to keep as coherent as I can. Feel free to comment (via email to pfmonaco@gmail.com but ultimately I really don't care what you think, only curious.

28 April 2021 - You're right... I'm not using any blogging software like wordpress. Honestly, sick of keeping up with updates and being at the mercy of a third party.. but you already knew that. Yea, I also know there's no way for you to directly comment on a post either. If you have something to say just email me (link at the bottom of the page) and I'll import it over if it seems relevent.


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10 May 2021 - I had intended to actually blog in this space from day one but apparantly I never did get around to it. LOLz. So here I am now. Well.. I guess this isn't a blog post but rather a place holder for where I'll start blogging.

Now don't go expecting anything fancy here.. as you can see I'm pretty much committed to this simplistic method of web publishing. I'm not using any fancy WYSIWYG design applications nor am I using a content management system like Wordpress. Origionally I was going to just use the default Windows NOTEPAD application but saw enough benefit in using Notepad ++ so I went with that.

Yea, I get that I can't readily take replies but honestly, in the past I've never gotten a whole lot more than spam. I do however, welcome you're input. All you have to do if you'd like to actually add a comment to something I post is to just drop me an email at pfmonaco@gmail.com and I'll manually bring it over if appropriate.

One thing I've already learned since creating websites this way is that modern marketing really wrecked the Internet. Seriously.. the whole methodology of the original HTML specifications was to ensure the most compatable method of publishing textual information to the largest variety of devices regardless of screen size. Sure responsive web design is a thing but the hours needed it do it properly is prohibative to the hobby-class casual geek. Unless of course advanced CSS is something you're into.

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